Assessing Executive Leaders

Assessments and analysis to diagnose and develop current and future leadership capabilities.
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Our assessments can be used to:

  • Determine an individual leader’s suitability for a specific executive position
  • Assess a pool of executives’ suitability for further promotion
  • Provide direction in building an executive development program
  • Our Leadership Code 360 (or interviews with key stakeholders) addresses the attributes and basic competencies critical to effective leadership.
  • The MENTOR® Leadership Battery is a multi-instrument, self-assessment tool addressing basic constructs that are reliable and valid indications of a leader’s current and probable future performance effectiveness.
  • Our capability analysis process can help diagnose current and future potential capability by distinguishing the cognitive capabilities, perspective, and focus required at different levels in the organization.

A critical factor of organizational performance is the quality of executive leadership.

Assessing executive leaders to determine their strengths and weaknesses enables them to better deliver results to stakeholders and ensures that key positions are filled with the appropriate people. Addressing weaknesses and bolstering strengths can have a significant impact on overall business performance.