Wendy Ulrich - U.S.A.

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“Humans are meaning-making machines who find inherent value in making sense out of life.  In addition to inherit value, meaning has market value in work settings.  Making sense makes cents.”

Areas of Expertise
A licensed psychologist in private practice for twenty years, Wendy brings a personal touch to corporate complexities.  Her focus is on helping leaders create meaning at work that contributes real value to employees, customers, and investors.  Employees who find a why to work for are motivated and productive co-developers of abundant organizations – workplaces in which in which individuals coordinate their aspirations and actions to create meaning for themselves, value for stakeholders, and hope for humanity at large.  An abundant organization is one that has enough and to spare of the things that matter most:  creativity, hope, resilience, determination, resourcefulness, and leadership.

Wendy helps organizations build people skills and personal strengths to succeed:  communication, relationships, change, creativity, resilience, and happiness.  She speaks to thousands of people every year on these topics. 

In addition to counseling and coaching of individuals, Wendy has provided training and consulting for such organizations as General Electric, the US Army, Johnson & Johnson, and the United Way.  She is the founder of Sixteen Stones Center for Growth (www.sixteenstones.net), offering seminar-retreats for individuals and groups on topics such as forgiveness, loss, and creating an abundant life.  She has taught psychology and organizational behavior at the University of Michigan, Northrup University, and Brigham Young University, and is a fellow and former president of the Association of Mormon Counselors and Psychotherapists.

Wendy holds a PhD in education and psychology from the University of Michigan and an MBA specializing in organizational behavior from UCLA. 

Recent Publications
The Why of Work (with Dave Ulrich, in press)
Weakness is not Sin:  The Liberating Distinction that Awakens Our Strengths (2009)
Forgiving Ourselves:  Getting Back Up When We Let Ourselves Down (2008)