Beverly Davids - Canada

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“In every organization, there is a wealth of untapped human potential waiting to be unleashed”

Areas of Expertise
Bev is a Consulting Partner with The RBL Group, helping clients develop and execute organization strategies to maximize individual and business performance.  She specializes in change management, organization design, high-performing teams, employee and leadership development, and process improvement.

Prior to becoming an external consultant in 1994, Bev led Organization Change & Effectiveness and Leadership Development departments at General Electric Canada, and was an internal consultant at a leading global energy producer.  As an internal and external consultant, she has led strategic projects such implementing self-managing teams in factory and white collar workplaces, implementing Work-Out™ (employee-involvement process improvement activity) and change management processes, designing and implementing diversity awareness activities, customer satisfaction and leadership development strategies, and implementing performance improvement processes. She has developed and facilitated numerous executive and leadership development programs.

Bev has over 30 years of experience in internal and external consulting with Fortune 500 companies in industries such as communications, financial services, oil and gas, health care, fast-moving consumer goods, retail, manufacturing, and distribution. She has worked globally with companies such as Bell Canada, Boeing, CP Rail, DHL, Energizer Personal Care, General Electric, Polaris Industries, Tesco PLC, and Unilever PLC. 

Bev holds a Masters of Science in Organization Development (MSOD) from Pepperdine University.

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