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Clients who engage with us in People & HR Strategy Development have a common set of issues and concerns:
  • How do we focus our efforts in HR?
  • What are the most important people investments we should be making?
  • How can we draw a clearline from the business strategy to what we do in HR?
  • What’s our people or HR strategy?
  • As a new CHRO, how do I create a strategic agenda that supports the business?
People & HR strategy is at the core of the work RBL has been leading for the last 20+ years. By connecting business strategy to organizational capabilities and using a strategic lens to identify critical jobs, we help organizations align around and prioritize investments in the people and capabilities that they need for success.
We define People Strategy as the human capital implications of the business model and business strategy that are needed to move the business forward; typically, parts are owned by HR and parts are owned by the business. An HR Strategy is how HR prioritizes its existing work and resources to support business needs; it is owned by HR.
Whether the decisions and resources required to execute the strategy lie within HR or are shared or owned by business leaders, our approach involves four steps:
1. Outside-Inside view of current state: collect data from key internal and external stakeholders to understand where you are now and where you want to be to succeed in the market.
2. Identify the business capability needs: given where you want to be, identify the capabilities required to succeed.
3. Identify and prioritize gaps: given strategic capability needs, what are the most critical gaps in the organization that could prevent success.
4. Close the gap: create a plan to close the gap between where you are now and where you need to be to (continue to) win.

Client Insights & Impact

A global retailer needed to adapt to the impact of technology and automation on all aspects of its business. A people strategy development process involving both HR and business leaders produced initiatives ranging from upgrading internal technology to hiring new technical and functional skillsets to shifting mindsets company-wide to expect ongoing changes.
As the HR executive team of a spin off crafted their new HR strategy, they realized they were supporting a completely different business model. To enable the new company to complete successfully in the bioscience market, they needed to completely shift the HR strategy: from building capabilities in distribution efficiency to building capabilities in solution innovation. Instead of keeping the parent company’s HR structure and talent strategies, they moved to adapt or transform them to be fit-for-purpose in the new organization’s competitive environment.
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