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Reassessing C-Suite Succession

Which member of the C-suite is charged with attracting the right talent, creating the right organizational structure, and building the right culture? There are two right answers, really. Research by RBL co-founder and University of Michigan professor Dave Ulrich and Korn Ferry's Ellie Filler reveals that experience as a CHRO may be critical in cultivating the skills needed to be an effective CEO. The article on their research, "Why Chief Human Resource Officers Make Great CEOs," published in December's issue of the Harvard Business Review, investigates the increasing importance of the CHRO role in the C-suite and makes a case for considering the CHRO in CEO succession planning. 

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Identify Leadership Capability

Whether CEO, CHRO, or any other member of the C-suite, executives must be effective leaders. Our MENTOR® Leadership Battery can be used to help make sure you are hiring the best—or to provide direction for the development of existing leaders.

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Leaders for the Long Run

Having great leadership starts with hiring the right people. Using RBL's Candidate-Position Fit analysis helped a growing financial services organization refine their hiring process and successfully hire candidates who were well-suited to the position and who would grow well with the organization. 

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