The Leadership Factor

Human Resource Executive Online | Feb 01, 2010
By: Andrew R. McIlvaine

The ability to think strategically and manage change effectively are hallmarks of good leaders. However, many leadership-development programs may be coming up short in these areas. 

“Having a common set of leadership competencies is the hallmark of companies that are good at producing leaders who can think strategically and manage change”, says Norm Smallwood, co-founder (along with David Ulrich) of the RBL Group, a Provo, Utah-based leadership-development firm.

Last year, RBL partnered with Hewitt Associates to produce Fortune magazine’s list of “25 Top Companies for Leaders,” a list that included Procter & Gamble, IBM and General Electric.

“The best companies have a really good common definition of leadership that’s shared throughout the organization. Another trademark of top companies for leaders is an enduring commitment to leadership development—in times good and bad”, says Smallwood.

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