The HR Blogosophere

Human Resource Executive Online | Jan 01, 2010
By: Jared Shelly

A Powerful Medium

With headlines such as “How Do Great Companies Make Sure People Are Living the Values?” and “The Human Element: Is Your Internship Program Helping or Hurting?” Jon Younger’s blog on the Huffington Post seems to provide information that’s right up an executive’s alley.

Younger, who posts every week or so, says his philosophy is to expose HR executives to “practical innovations”—ideas that, he adds, can be readily applied to help them drive the business. That could consist of “a better way to develop people, or a new way to communicate the values of the organization, or challenging HR people to stick their necks out a little bit and replace self-doubt with courage,” says Younger, who leads the strategic HR practice at the RBL Group in Provo, Utah.

He says he’s not being paid by the Huffington Post.

Younger believes that a new blog is created every five seconds, making it an incredibly powerful source of knowledge transaction.

“If you do the math for HR, that means that, every week or so, somebody out there is creating a new vehicle to share what they’re doing [in HR] and hear what other people are doing,” he says. “That’s terrific.”