Leadership Development Secrets of Top Companies

Harvard Business Publishing | Feb 18, 2010
Norm Smallwood

Every two years my firm, The RBL Group, partners with Hewitt to conduct a study on the Top Companies for Leaders. It highlights those companies that have gone beyond the basics of grooming strong leaders and have come up with new ways to test their employees in the global marketplace. Quality of leadership within a company helps meet the expectations of investors, customers, and employees, and sets the stage for growth, so developing the next generation of effective leaders is perhaps the most important undertaking of a forward-thinking company.

What’s most interesting about this study is how similar the majority of companies are in the way they approach development, and what factors differentiate the best. Bob Gandossy, Hewitt’s lead partner on the study and I have come up with six components that differentiate the top company approaches versus the less successful companies.

Discover what the six components are.