In Hiring, Don’t Let Perfect Drive Out Good (and Innovative)

The Huffington Post | Jan 15, 2010

Too often in the past few years, companies have been less and less willing to take risks in hiring profiles. Many executives believe all successful candidates will have scored above a certain threshold on their SATs, attended one small set of top notch schools, earned degrees in one or two select majors, and worked in one of a few pedigreed companies in one relevant industry for at least a certain number of years.

Talk about a loss of imagination.

As a result of failing to take risks in hiring profiles, too many companies - abetted by compliant HR business partners and recruiting staff - have stopped even looking at interesting or innovative candidates, let alone hiring them.

The problem is that hiring profiles that attempt to replicate what was successful in the past don’t necessarily provide the skills and qualities needed for the future.

So, here’s another approach.

  1. Don’t focus on schools, courses of study, grades or years of experience at pedigreed organizations. They are a bad proxy for the real issue - does this individual has what you need and want. Instead of relying on easy measures, look for the robust indicators of competence and future contribution.

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