Generation G.A.P.?

The Human Factor | Sep 15, 2009
By: Aditi Sharma

Complex would be a good way to define today’s business environment. Organisations are becoming more geographically and demographically diverse everyday, while technology is enabling systems maintenance for them. Not only does it allow for better communication and coordination across operations, but it also provides the foundation for companies to customise their most crucial HR processes as per the prevalent employee base trends.

The latter is so vital for organisations because the range of diversity of employees at workplaces is expanding. With virtual workplaces gaining ground, an ‘office’ may comprise of people not just from different places, but also of different ages, who have different needs, beliefs, values, work styles and behaviours.

In view of this development, it has become an HR priority to segment the employee base into homogenous groups (or as close as it gets), to be able to provide employees with a more effective and targeted employment experience. This, in turn, would help engagement and retention levels, building a firm base for loyalty across all workforce segments.