Bruichladdich Secrets to a More Empowered Workforce: Try a Wee Dram

The Huffington Post | Nov 19, 2009

If you ask Bruichladdich’s Managing Director Mark Reynier for the secret sauce of Bruichladdich’s success, he’ll tell you at once and in rapid fire speech: “equal parts of integrity, humanity, authenticity and variety.” But, don’t think for a moment that it’s marketing speak. This humble operation is not lacking in spirit.

What makes Bruichladdich a school for how to manage people? First is management’s pride for the 50 employees of the company. The pride is demonstrated by putting employees’ pictures right on the packaging. One product shows the packaging team at work. Another shows the group that makes the great scotch that earned the company its worldwide reputation.

Second is ownership. The company was rescued from oblivion some years ago by an investor group headed by Reynier that was smart enough to invite every employee to be an owner of company shares. David Ferguson, the young man who gave us a tour of the distillery, was quick to point out, “I’m an owner. We all are.” Accountability follows when ownership is—and feels—real.

Learn four more ways Bruichladdich empowers their employees.