RBL Partnership in China
We are pleased to announce a new
partnership with ProHR and report the great
success of the HRCS feedback session in
China. With over 800 attendees and coverage
by more than 20 media outlets, we're excited
to continue leading the global HR agenda.
Ulrich to be featured in Palladium webcast | Jul 18, 2012

Titled: “Maximizing your Human Capital: Creating Organizational Value,” Dave Ulrich will complete an interview by The Palladium Group on August 28, 2012 at 11 a.m. EST. He will share key findings from the latest research from the HR Competency Study, and his new book “HR From the Outside In”.

Dave Ulrich in Forbes Discusses New Book | Jul 18, 2012

A Forbes article by Dan Schawbel, Dave Ulrich talks about the latest HR Competency Study research and his book “HR From the Outside In”, released today.  The name of the article: “Dave Ulrich on the Future of Human Resources”.

Ulrich to be keynote at HRIZON | Jul 10, 2012

This keynote presented by global HR giant Dave Ulrich will focus on how HR can continue to deliver value. Dave will review the evolution of the HR profession and focus on the ‘next’ wave of activity: focusing on HR from the outside-in. This means that internal HR processes should align with expectations of customers, investors, communities, regulators and others outside the organisation. Professor Ulrich will examine four questions that are central to making the outside-in approach relevant.

Ulrich mentioned in article by Washington Post blogger | Jul 02, 2012

Washington Post blogger Tom Fox mentioned Dave Ulrich’s book “The GE Workout” in a June 28 post, “How to do the impossible: Cut through red tape in federal government”