RBL Partnership in China
We are pleased to announce a new
partnership with ProHR and report the great
success of the HRCS feedback session in
China. With over 800 attendees and coverage
by more than 20 media outlets, we're excited
to continue leading the global HR agenda.
Action Learning to Build Skills and Contribute to the Bottom Line | Sep 29, 2009

by Jon Younger
Building on the 70/20/10 model, the benefits and key elements of effective action learning are addressed.

Talent = Competence X Commitment X Contribution | Sep 28, 2009

by D. Murali
The authors of HR Transformation suggest a simple formula for transforming HR practices: Talent = Competence X Commitment X Contribution.

Are You Accelerating the Development of Your Talented Future Leaders? | Sep 24, 2009

by Jon Younger
Many organizations have more opportunities for growth than they have “ready” leaders to fill. The simple 70/20/10 rule can help an organization become a “leader-feeder.”

Bosses Go Undercover | Sep 16, 2009

by Jared Shelly
The new British show, Undercover Boss, may be a hit on TV but is it a hit with employees?

Are Your Employees Stuck in the Bubble or Acting Like Owners? | Sep 16, 2009

by Jon Younger
Learn two types of bubbles that organizations can get trapped in and how some are successfully rising above it.

Generation G.A.P.? | Sep 15, 2009

by Aditi Sharma
As organizations become more diverse, companies face the need to segment the employee base for sustained HR excellence.

The Challenge for HR in India | Sep 15, 2009

by Wayne Brockbank
Dr. Wayne Brockbank talks to The Human Factor, in an exclusive interview, about the ‘purposeful organisation’ and the goal of HR for linking insiders and outsiders.

Decoding Leadership | Sep 15, 2009

by Norm Smallwood
How do we define leadership and identify the qualities of effective leaders? Derived from experts in the field, Norm decodes leadership by identifying five rules.

How Do Great Companies Make Sure People Are Living the Values? | Sep 09, 2009

by Jon Younger
Chief HR officers from successful companies combine insights to address how organizations ensure that employees at every level, in every function, and around the world know and live their organization’s values.

Judging Obama as a Leader | Sep 04, 2009

by Norm Smallwood
With less than a year as president under his belt, polls are showing that people have widely varying views of President Barack Obama’s leadership. Does he have all the fundamental attributes that set great ones apart?

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