RBL Partnership in China
We are pleased to announce a new
partnership with ProHR and report the great
success of the HRCS feedback session in
China. With over 800 attendees and coverage
by more than 20 media outlets, we're excited
to continue leading the global HR agenda.
The Human Element: Is Your Internship Program Helping or Hurting? | Aug 25, 2009

by Jon Younger
Having a good reputation for an internship program can provide many benefits for a company. If the internship program is lacking, there are some key questions that can be answered to begin the restructuring process.

Personal Branding Interview: with Dave Ulrich | Aug 25, 2009

by Dan Schawbel
Dave Ulrich addresses talent management, how to retain employees, five categories of leadership, if social networks should be used in the recruitment process, and what HR looks for when they hire.

Spur Your Team Forward | Aug 21, 2009

by Cord Cooper
Tips on how to build up a company’s workforce by developing talent are pulled from the book The Leadership Code by Dave Ulrich, Norm Smallwood, and Kate Sweetman.

Strategic Restructuring: Crafting the Right Strategy Guides Efforts and Creates Value | Aug 17, 2009

by Norm Smallwood and Mark Nyman
During economic uncertainty, restructuring is common. While most leaders agree that structure should follow strategy, few have a process for moving from strategy to restructuring.

The Human Element: Implement Stay Interviews Before It’s Too Late | Aug 14, 2009

by Jon Younger
As the economy begins to recover and companies rebuild their staff, there is competition to hire the best employees. How can you combat losing your best employees?

Holding Firm to Ethics | Aug 12, 2009

by Scott Westcott and Anne Freedman
Executives can face many difficulties when trying to expand their business overseas. Corrupt practices are standard operating procedure in some countries, but corporate governance—as well as U.S. law—prohibit such actions. HR can play key role in prepping expats to cope with such dilemmas.

Transforming HR Into a Business-Driving Powerhouse | Aug 11, 2009

Join us as we speak with Dave Ulrich and Jon Younger, co-authors of HR Transformation.

The Human Element: Managing Human Capital in the New Era of Business | Aug 07, 2009

by Jon Younger
As the economy bounces back, companies should think creatively about attracting, developing, and retaining talented employees.

Dave Ulrich: Getting HR Right | Aug 01, 2009

by Rita Zeidner
In this interview, Dave Ulrich expounds on key points from his book HR Transformation: Building Human Resources from the Outside In concerning HR professionals changing how they do their jobs.