RBL Partnership in China
We are pleased to announce a new
partnership with ProHR and report the great
success of the HRCS feedback session in
China. With over 800 attendees and coverage
by more than 20 media outlets, we're excited
to continue leading the global HR agenda.
Economist: Guru Dave Ulrich | Dec 10, 2008

Dave Ulrich represents one of the biggest shifts in corporate focus in the last years of the 20th century and the first years of the 21st.

Dave Ulrich Highlighted in FastCompany | Dec 06, 2008

by Lucas Conley
In 2002, Dave Ulrich left his hugely successful consulting firm to run a Mormon mission in Quebec. Now he’s heading back to business with a fresh eye and some fresh ideas.

RBL in Top 10 of Leadership Development | Dec 06, 2008

More organizations today are creating custom programs to develop their own leaders—as opposed to simply buying the top graduates from the best schools, sending their people to public training programs, or relying exclusively on outside consultants, trainers, speakers and authors. But some leadership programs are much better than others. What makes for a great program and who are the best examples?

Dave Ulrich Top of HR’s Most Influential List | Dec 06, 2008

by Sian Harrington
Now in its third year, HR’s Most Influential ranking has been created using a new methodology. So who has had the greatest impact in the past year and why?