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MENTOR helps you put the right
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The MENTOR Framework
MENTOR characterizes your personality, skills, and preferences in five dimensions of effective leadership.
What exactly can MENTOR do?
There's no limit to how MENTOR can be used. Here are a few of our recommendations.

Individual Development

Use MENTOR results as a starting point for creating individual development plans and coaching engagements.

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Position-Fit Analysis

Assess how well job candidates fit into a specific position in the organization.

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Finding High Potentials

Identify your leaders with the highest potential for growth and focus your development investments on them.

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High-Performing Leadership Teams

Make your leadership team greater than the sum of its parts by using MENTOR to identify and rectify group weaknesses.

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Executive Selection

Optimize your leadership pipeline using MENTOR's unique predictive insights

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MENTOR Report Highlights

Your MENTOR report tells you:

  • Where you stand in five domains of leadership effectiveness
  • How your personality dimensions impact your work
  • Your preferences in thinking and behaving
  • How you see yourself relating to others
  • How to think about your strengths and opportunities
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How much does MENTOR cost?

Please contact us for specific pricing.

Who should take MENTOR?

MENTOR is primarily used for development and coaching and as an important input to make high-visibility, high-risk, and high-investment hiring and promotion decisions.

How long does the assessment take?

The online questions generally take 2-3 hours to complete.

How do I receive my report?

You must schedule a 2-hour feedback session with an RBL-certified coach in order to receive your results (remotely or in person). You'll be able to look over your report before the feedback session and make note of anything that you have questions about.

What happens during a feedback session?

You'll talk through your results with an RBL-certified coach and work together to create a plan for development.