Tomorrow’s HR Management: 48 Thought Leaders Call for Change

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In the future, will human resource management emerge as an even more critical factor in developing and maintaining a company’s competitive edge, or will it become just one more outsourced function overseen by managers busy juggling several other responsibilities at the same time? Will HR departments buckle under the constant pressure to do more with less, or will inspired leaders develop practices that link HR to overall business strategies and improved organizational capabilities? Tomorrow’s HR Management is about creating the future right in your own company—adapting to meet the needs of your enterprise and the demands of a changing business environment.
In this remarkably visionary volume, 48 of the most perceptive and imaginative HR executives, consultants, and scholars from around the world offer their views on the future of the field and prescribe courses of action that will help CEOs and HR managers shape that future. Each of the book’s six sections advocates a strategic goal designed to increase HR’s productivity, efficiency, and adaptability. Each chapter analyzes obstacles and formulates tactics designed to help reach these goals. This book helps HR managers and business leaders to:

Manage HR like a business—define and deliver clear outcomes
Play new roles in the competitive environment of the future
Prepare for the future
Build an infrastructure and discover how to measure progress
Remember the human in Human Resources
Go global through advances in technology.
Whether the future brings a steady and gradual curve of change or dramatic events that require drastic, overnight adjustments to radically new business environments, Tomorrow’s HR Management will help lead the way in meeting these challenges and can be used by anyone from the CEO to the newest HR professional to create a more competitive organization.

From the Publisher
Now the Society for Human Resource Management presents the essential guide to human resources as it moves into the twenty-first century. A distinguished international panel of contributors offers invaluable insights on everything from the best human resource practices to important trends, and includes such leaders in the field as James Heskett, Leonard Schlesinger, Steven Kerr of GE and Michael Beer of Harvard. In short, this book provides the best thinking from the best people.

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Posted on: Mar 12, 1997 - 01:33 PM
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