How Leaders Build Value

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(Note: Originally published in hardcover as Why the Bottom-Line Isn’t.)

How to use intangibles to increase the value of your business

Originally published under the title Why the Bottom Line Isn’t, this revised and updated edition shows business leaders how to build long-term value through assets not accounted for on the company’s financial statements. Through leadership, service, corporate culture, and the ability to attract top talent, businesses can create real, measurable value that goes beyond simple bottom-line numbers.

Based on research drawn from human resources, finance, IT, and leadership, How Leaders Build Value offers ideas and actions that leaders at any level, in any function, can use to increase their organization’s overall value. Every chapter presents an intangible asset as a concept, then provides examples and tools that help leaders develop the asset and communicate its value to shareholders, employees, and other parties.

No matter what kind of organization you operate, remarkable things happen when you build value through intangibles. Employees will be more committed, customers and investors more engaged, confident, and numerous. For those who want to impact the long-term value of their organizations, How Leaders Build Value is a straightforward and practical guide.

“There is definitely a lot of wisdom to be gained from going through this trinity of books [Leadership Brand, Leadership Code, and How Leaders Build Value] and more so to the manager who also takes the Leadership Code Self Assessment Survey. The only pre-requisite here is that one needs to be both patient and honest with oneself when taking the self assessment. It was a very useful experience for me, in fact this was like attending a mini leadership coaching workshop.”

— Deepak Pandhi, Director & Head (Northern Region), Indian Machine Tool Manufacturers’ Association

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Posted on: Mar 12, 2003 - 12:44 PM
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