Leadership Assessments
Learn how you measure up to the standards of great leadership
The RBL Leadership Code®
We've synthesized decades of empirical research and theorizing about leadership and created an assessment
designed to help you know how well you've mastered the five fundamentals of leadership.
Become a Better Leader
Better leaders have more engaged teams, better customer results, and help their organization
meet stakeholder expectations at every level. Need more convincing?
Know what to work on
Easily identify which critical behaviors to strengthen and which to maintain and use them to sharpen your development plan.
Do your job better
You're getting the best information available on what's expected of you as a leader. Use it to shape your day-to-day actions.
Impact your organization
When all of your leaders are held to a consistent standard, you can turn leadership from a personal ability into an organization capability.
Self and Multi-Rater Options
Self Assessment
Build your personal understanding of
the full range of behaviors required to
be an effective leader.
Start Self
360 Assessment
Get comprehensive feedback on your
strengths and weaknesses and learn
what your organization needs.
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Report Highlights
  • Competency Scores: Find out how you scored on the 27 competencies of The Leadership Code
  • Strengths and Development Needs: Identify areas to focus your future development efforts
  • Ten Most Critical Leader Behaviors: See how you compare to high-performing leaders
  • General Comments: Read verbatim comments written by your raters
Turn your results into real change
Pair your assessment with any of our development add-ons.
Development Guide
Learn the basics of understanding your report and browse our list of development suggestions.
Get online and work at your own pace to create and follow through on a development plan.
Feedback Workshop
Bring in an RBL facilitator and work with your team to learn about the assessment and how to work better together.
Talk through your results, challenges, and development ideas with an RBL-certified coach.
Get Answers
How did you develop the assessment?

The RBL Group partnered with a team of PhD organizational psychologists to design the assessment and ensure that each item in the 360 accurately reflected the critical constructs represented in the Leadership Code model and years of test, survey, and item development. All items have been analyzed for reliability, consistency, and predictive validity

Who should take the assessments?

Leaders and aspiring leaders at all levels in the organization will benefit from being evaluated.

How much do the assessments cost?

Please contact us for detailed pricing.

What formats are available?

Both assessments are available online; however, the self-assessment is also available in a paper format.

How long do the assessments take?

Assessments may take 15-30 minutes to complete.

Can we customize the assessment?

Yes, we'll work with you to make sure that the assessment matches your unique competency model.

What results can I expect?

Many of our clients have used these assessments to improve their leaders. Please visit our client stories page to learn about the impact these assessments have had in various organizations.