Executive Coaching

Coaching isn’t just for the novice—it’s for experts who seek a better way to face the fascinating and ever-changing challenges of taking a team to better, higher places. Following our proven model for refining existing executive skills and enabling growth in areas of weakness, our coaches embody the catalyst that removes the self-limiting ceiling that every executive brings with them along with their strengths.



Our model for executive coaching is to evaluate without eviscerating, to guide without doing, to focus on behavior, not platitudes. With a foundation of data gleaned through statistics, survey, and observation, we identify areas for growth and then work with executives to refine their performance by helping them see through blind spots and practice with feedback. We understand that behavioral change is an iterative process that relies on constant course correction in the moments following success or failure. Our coaches are adept at knowing how, when, where, and why to apply positive pressure for positive change.


The greatest tool our executive coaches use when helping executives is the experience born of helping hundreds of executives transform themselves. Our coaches’ power, however, is based not on guesses, but research. Through years of study and analysis of leadership in action, RBL understands core leadership principles as well as how leadership gets applied in unique settings. Our coaches use this information as a benchmark for behavior and performance. It is the difference between a well-meaning coach using common sense and an expert practitioner who elicits the highest performance from their peers.


Our coaches have seen overwhelming positive results from their leadership coaching. Results have ranged from increasing profits to decreasing waste, from course redirection to massive performance improvement. We have helped executives guide their organizations through downturns to significant success and have aided them as they shifted performance to another, higher gear. We have prepared leadership potentials for key positions and reinvigorated experienced leaders who felt their performance had plateaued.

Find out how executive coaching could help your organization.