Think Tank #1 Webinar




On March 13 from 10:00am to 11:00am (US eastern time) Dave Ulrich will share the key insights and findings from the RBL Institute most recent think tank session on “What’s Next for HR? HR Value Creation Through HR Competencies and Capabilities.”

In a changing world, HR work delivers value to multiple stakeholders inside and outside a business through talent, leadership, and organization. And as organizations become more defined by their capabilities, HR plays a major role in defining, measuring, tracking, creating, and sustaining critical capabilities at all levels of an organization. For HR to deliver value, HR professionals must acquire and demonstrate personal competencies that make a difference. We have found that competencies of HR professionals have evolved over the last 30 years, that studying HR competencies with impact requires a new set of assumptions about competencies, that HR competencies can be identified, that HR competencies for the future continue to evolve, and that HR competencies can be developed.

In February 2019, the RBL Institute held a think tank session where we probed what’s next for HR value delivery by focusing on the research and practice implications of three of the 13 pivots: [1] key HR theory that shapes the logic and flow of HR work; [2] HR’s role in delivering organization capabilities to the business; and [3] HR competencies which will enable HR professionals. During this webinar, Dave Ulrich will share the latest insight thinking in each of these 3 areas.

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