Creating the Right Culture: Making culture a real source of competitive advantage




The Challenge

Our research (and practices) shows that “organization” has four times the impact of “individual” on business results! In the last few years, dozens and even hundreds of organizations have embarked on culture renewal, change, or transformation journeys. These efforts could be at a plant, division, department, business unit, geography, or enterprise-wide setting. In most cases, these culture initiatives are about defining and turning core values into behaviors. While we agree with the importance of behaving according to values. We think culture change starts with defining the right values by having an “outside in” sense of culture. This think tank will help HR professionals craft a culture change agenda that creates value to external stakeholders like customers, investors, and communities.

Key questions/themes we will address include:
• How do we change as fast as the external environment demands both in business and HR (and personally)?

• How do leaders distinguish four concepts: 1) Purpose (mission, vision, strategy), 2) Values (focused on employees and norms), 3) Brand identity (focused on customers and promises), and 4) Culture: the intersection of brand (outside) and values?

• How do leaders come to appreciate the business impact of getting the right culture? What is HR’s role in gaining attention for culture change?

• How does an organization create the “right” culture that has positive impact on employees, customers, and investors?

• How do leaders manage subcultures within an organization?

• What do business leaders need to do to make culture change happen? What do HR professionals need to do to support a culture change agenda?

• When should culture evolve or change?

• How can creating the right culture become everyone’s accountability?

• How does technology and digitalization affect getting the right culture?

The Process
As always, this session will be heavily interactive with participants sharing successes, failures, and experiences. We will focus on participant questions about helping HR professionals deliver value to their organizations. We hope to document the successes so that we can continually learn from each other.


This session is intended for CHROs, Senior HR Leaders, Line Managers, HR Business Partners, or other HR Professionals who are committed to forging the linkages between HR departments and professionals with sustainable business results.

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