The Impact of Digitalization: HR’s evolving agenda in a digital world



New York

The Challenge

Everyone is affected by technological advances that shape how information is shared in the digital age. In this 2-day think tank, we want to pursue the context of digitalization, the impact of digitalization on the business, and the impact of digitalization on HR. In our February 2018 think tank, we reviewed the coming information age and HR’s role in it. In this think tank, we want to build on those ideas to further explore the impact of digitalization on the future of HR and answer specific questions, such as:

• How will “HR” look and function when 1/3 of the workforce is AI/Bots/Machines? Will AI/Bots/Digitalization eliminate jobs? Eliminate tasks? Be an “employee” or a tool? Robotics companies may be the world’s most valued firms by 2025. What jobs will be affected and when will this occur?

• How will the HR operating model shift when most ALL back-office HR jobs will be eliminated by AI, robots and voice imaging in the next 3-5 years?

• How will digital business trends define key capabilities required to win? How can those capabilities be created and sustained through HR work? How can HR help craft a digital business agenda?

• What is the best way to do organization planning/talent reviews to assess the best places to leverage digital age? How does a firm shift from workforce to worktask planning with rise of AI/Automation? How does HR refocus on the work to be done as much as the workers who do the work?

• How does HR work with other functional areas (e.g., IT, marketing, operations, supply chain, legal) to craft a digital business agenda?

• How can HR use digital to move from efficiency to innovation to information to connection (or experience)?

• What will be the emerging skills for high performing HR professionals?

• How can HR help business leaders adapt to the personal impact of a digital age, e.g., have a social media presence, access and wisely use technology?

The Think Tank Process

As always, this session will be heavily interactive with participants sharing successes, failures, and experiences. We will focus on participant questions about helping HR professionals deliver value to their organizations. We hope to document the successes so that we can continually learn from each other.


This session is intended for CHROs, Senior HR Leaders, Line Managers, HR Business Partners, or other HR Professionals who are committed to forging the linkages between HR departments and professionals with sustainable business results.

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