Think Tank #2 Webinar



Webinar from 11:00am to 12:00pm (US Eastern time)

Social Citizen Stewardship: How to position your organization as a responsible community member

Daily headlines proclaim the challenges facing our world: climate change, political nationalism (trade wars, immigration, refugees), resource scarcity (water, carbon footprint, pollution), social justice issues (#MeToo movement, diversity), political divisiveness, and so forth. These headlines reflect the context in which business operates.

The realities behind these headlines have compelled leaders to pay increased attention to the social setting in which their organizations operate. Attention to social citizenship has led to a number of initiatives: Global Reporting Initiative (GRI); Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs); Environmental, Social, Governance (ESG); Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP); Socially Responsible Investing (SRI), and so forth.

This onslaught of social, community, planet, governance, environment, political, and other issues has gotten more complex and opaque. Leaders need to be socially responsible to be accountable for how their organizations respond to these challenges. Organizations need to be good citizens not only of their country, but also the planet. Leaders and organizations need to accept stewardship to not only make money, but also to create meaning; to balance profit and planet; to do well to do good; to respond to change in a responsible way; to serve customers and to sustain the planet; to give today’s employees a positive experience at work and to create opportunity for tomorrow’s employees. We have called this emerging agenda social citizen stewardship as a way to synthesize these diverse streams of activity.

But, how does an organization build a social citizenship agenda that turns aspirations into actions? In this webinar, Dave Ulrich will offer a roadmap for creating a social citizenship agenda so that your organization can be a responsible member of your community. He will address: [1] WHY: Review why social issues matter, [2] WHAT: Present a simple model of 5 domains of social citizenship, [3] HOW: Offer assessments, interventions, and tools to make progress in each of the five domains, and [4] WHO: Suggest roles for line managers and HR professionals to make progress.

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