HR Competencies & Organization Capabilities: Defining and discovering what’s next



Las Vegas

The RBL Institute’s next think tank session on “HR Competencies & Organization Capabilities: Defining and discovering what’s next” will be led by Dave Ulrich and his colleagues and will take place on February 12-13 in Las Vegas. Each RBL Institute member company may send up to 3 participants to this session.

The Challenge
No one doubts that HR is not about HR, but creating value for employees, customers, investors, and communities through talent, leadership, and organizations. This basic logic has guided the 30-year HR Competency Study (HRCS), sponsored by The RBL Group and the Ross School of Business at the University of Michigan. Through seven rounds of research with over 90,000 individuals, we have empirically defined the competencies of HR professionals and how those competencies impact personal, stakeholder, and business performance. In Round 7, we discovered how specific HR competencies lead to each of these outcomes. We also found that 80% of business performance resulted from organization capabilities and 20% from individual competencies (thus the book Victory Through Organization).

During this think tank, we will lay the foundation for the next round of the HR Competency Study (Round 8) by focusing on two issues. First, we will explore the skills and competencies required for HR professionals to be personally effective, deliver value to stakeholders, and drive business results in the future. We will continue the HR competence part of this foundational study. Second, we will dive deep into how HR professionals build organization capabilities that deliver business results. We will help HR assess the right capabilities for business success (e.g., information, collaboration, agility, customer service, innovation, etc.) and how to deliver these capabilities in each business setting. Our focus will increasingly be on ideas (individual competences and organization capabilities) with IMPACT (capitalized for even more attention).

Essentially, in this session, we will address how the role and responsibilities for effective HR professionals will evolve in the next 5 to 7 years. By exploring future individual HR competencies and building the right organization capabilities, we hope we can define the next agenda for HR. The output from this think tank will frame the next round of the HR Competence and Capability Study (HRC2S).

As always, this session will be heavily interactive with participants sharing successes, failures, and experiences. We will focus on participant questions about helping HR professionals deliver value to their organizations. We hope to document the successes so that we can continually learn from each other.This session is intended for CHROs, Senior HR Leaders, Line Managers, HR Business Partners, or other HR Professionals who are committed to forging the linkages between HR departments and professionals with sustainable business results.

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