Improving the Employee Experience



On November 19th from 11:00am to 12:00pm (US eastern time) the RBL Institute will hold a mini forum call on “Improving the Employee Experience.”

The red-hot job market and employees’ expectations of what role work plays in their lives is requiring companies to take a fresh look at how they enhance the overall employee experience. The employee experience encompasses all aspects of the employee “life cycle” – from the time when employees first come into contact with the company until the day they depart the firm. As part of the effort to improve the employee experience, organizations are looking to close the gap between the technology people are used to in their personal lives vs. the technology they have at work. People’s experiences with technology in their personal lives has raised the bar of expectations for companies regarding what’s available and when, often resulting in frustration at work when they can’t get what they need at their fingertips when they want it. Traditional practices on how employees are treated are out of step with the needs of the current cohort of talent.

During the call, we will address two questions, upon which participants should be prepared to provide their point of view:

· What changes are you making to improve the overall employee experience at your company (e.g., compensation, HR policies, flex work environment, technology changes, training/development, etc.) in order to become an employer of choice?

· How (and how often) do you measure employee engagement at your organization and what specific actions has your organization taken as a result of the engagement data you collect? Please share specific examples.

PARTICIPANTS: Each RBL Institute member company is allowed to register/nominate ONE person to be the “spokesperson” for this call. Ideal participants include: CHROs, Corporate HR Leadership, Regional HR Leaders, Culture Leaders, Employee Engagement Leaders, or other Senior HR Professionals who can share your organization’s efforts in this area.


· If your company would like to participate in this call, a “spokesperson” must be identified who will share your organization’s point of view on the questions.

· If you have a spokesperson on the call, you may also have a few “silent listeners.”

· After the call, the RBL Institute will produce a white paper based on the discussion.

· Each spokesperson will have the opportunity to review and edit the draft white paper before a final copy is produced.

· The final copy of the white paper will identify the spokesperson and the company they represent and will be made available to RBL Institute member companies so that those who were unable to join the discussion have a summary of the call.

*Institute Members only. Contact Ginger Bitter for more information.