Master Class with Dave Ulrich





We realize that time is among the scarcest resource for any CHRO. We also know that CHROs want ideas that will have an impact on business results. We have created this one-day Master Class in London in order to maximize your time and provide you with ideas with impact. The goal of this Master Class is to address each attendee’s most pressing business and HR challenges and to provide actionable insights and ideas. The agenda for this session will be determined by the those in attendance at the outset of the session based upon group consensus. Once the top agenda items are determined by the group we will take a deep dive into each area through open discussion.

Each RBL Institute member company may send their Chief HR Officer (or a direct report if the CHRO is unable to attend) to discuss current challenges and share best practices. Please join your colleagues from some of the best companies in the world in an engaging open forum to share what’s working as well as envisioning new ways to accelerate progress.

Format & Objectives

- In this open forum, our opening discussion will determine the topics for the day. We ask that you come to the session prepared to discuss your most pressing business and HR challenges with the group. We will explore the group’s issues and themes that concern you most as senior HR executives.
- We will have an open dialogue among other senior HR executives who share these issues and want to find practical and innovative solutions.
- Dave Ulrich will facilitate the dialogue to find patterns in how companies respond to these challenges. He will offer successful solutions and experiences he has observed in other companies.
- We will develop actionable solutions that you can adapt to your organization.

We hope you leave this Master Class with innovative ideas about challenges you face as you lead your HR function, with relationships with other senior HR executives, and with specific actions you can implement.

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*Institute Members only. Contact Ginger Bitter for more information.