HR analytics: moving from what’s easy to what’s useful



On March 5 from 11:00am to 12:00pm (US eastern time) the RBL Institute will hold a mini forum call on “HR analytics: Moving from what’s easy to what’s useful.”

The domain of people analytics is growing rapidly, offering new opportunities to better hire, manage, retain, and optimize the workforce. Advanced analytics can now track and analyze a dizzying amount of employee data, including data harvested from voice communications, personal interactions, and video interviews. The challenge HR faces today is transitioning from reporting data to identifying meaningful new insights that influence decisions and drive better business outcomes.

During the call, we will address two questions, upon which participants should be prepared to provide their point of view:

• What is your company currently doing to apply HR analytics? What have you found to be most impactful to the business? Please be prepared to share 2-3 examples including results achieved.

• What are you doing to build the analytical capability (both within HR as well as with line leaders) to understand and fully leverage HR analytics?

PARTICIPANTS: Each RBL Institute member company is allowed to register/nominate ONE person to be the “spokesperson” for this call. Ideal participants include: CHROs, Corporate HR Leadership, Regional HR Leaders, Analytics Specialists, or other Senior HR Professionals who can share your organization’s efforts in this area.

*Institute Members only. Contact Ginger Bitter for more information.