Workforce to worktask planning



On June 18 from 11:00am to 12:00pm (US eastern time) the RBL Institute will hold a mini forum call on “Workforce to worktask planning.”

Traditionally, organizations have looked at work at a macro level in an effort to plan staffing levels, define individual jobs, etc. With the increased use of artifical intelligence and automation, it is possible (and in many cases necessary) to disaggregate work into finite taks that need to be done. This evolution is creating new challenges in determining the optimal approach to getting work done while creating more fulfilling growth opportunities for employees.

During the call, we will address two questions, upon which participants should be prepared to provide their point of view:

• How are you utilizing AI or robotics to accomplish work today? Please be prepared to share a 1-2 examples including results achieved. How are you deciding where AI and automation are best applied?

• What role is HR playing in this transition to increased use of AI and how is your approach to workforce planning evolving as more tasks become automated?

PARTICIPANTS: Each RBL Institute member company is allowed to register/nominate ONE person to be the “spokesperson” for this call. Ideal participants include: CHROs, Corporate HR Leadership, Regional HR Leaders, Center of Expertise Leaders, Strategic Workforce Planning Experts, HR Business Partners, Talent Management Professionals, or other Senior HR Professionals who can share your organization’s efforts in this area.

*Institute Members only. Contact Ginger Bitter for more information.