Dave Ulrich's home (Alpine, Utah)

An Exclusive Session for CHROs of RBL Institute Member Companies

We realize that time is among the scarcest resource for any CHRO. We also know that top CHROs want ideas and relationships that will have impact. We have created the CHRO forum to maximize your time, give you ideas with impact, and let you connect with other thoughtful CHROs.

- In this open forum, we set the agenda when you arrive based on what you want to talk about. We explore the major issues that concern you most as senior HR executives. In the last two years, we have talked about issues such as:

- The speed of change
- Leadership
- Innovation
- Digital HR
- Sustainable growth
- HR organization design
- Talent development
- Globalization
- Culture
- HR roles and skills
- Performance management

- We have an open dialogue among other CHROs who share these issues and want to find practical and innovative solutions.
- Dave Ulrich facilitate patterns in how companies respond to these challenges.
- We develop actionable solutions that you can adapt to your organization.

We hope you leave this CHRO session with innovative ideas about challenges you face as you lead your HR function, with relationships with other CHROs, and with specific actions you can implement.

To Register Participants: Please contact Ginger Bitter, gbitter@rbl.net

*Institute Members only. Contact Ginger Bitter for more information.