Leveraging multiple generations at work



On April 18 from 6:00pm to 7:00pm (US eastern time) the RBL Institute will hold a mini forum call on “Leveraging multiple generations at work.”

For the first time in history we have five different generations of employees working at the same time. Communication styles and preferences, technological savvy, and work preferences vary across these groups. This brings unique challenges that managers must learn to navigate. The best firms are recognizing this opportunity and putting in place innovative approaches to bridge the generations and fully tap into the unique attributes they bring to their work every day.

During the call, we will address two questions, upon which participants should be prepared to provide their point of view:

• What are the top 2-3 challenges your organization is experiencing when it comes to managing multiple different generations within your workforce? In your experience, how do the generations vary and how are they similar?

• How are you addressing these generational challenges and what are you doing to more effectively leverage the collective experience of these various groups? What has proven to be most effective thus far?

PARTICIPANTS: Each RBL Institute member company is allowed to register/nominate ONE person to be the “spokesperson” for this call. Ideal participants include: CHROs, Corporate HR Leadership, Regional HR Leaders, Center of Expertise Leaders, HR Business Partners, Staffing Leaders, or other Senior HR Professionals who can share your organization’s efforts in this area.

*Institute Members only. Contact Ginger Bitter for more information.