Mission Statement: To be a force for good throughout the world by empowering people to improve lives with rewarding business opportunities, innovative products, and an enriching and uplifting culture.

To Nu Skin, their mission statement isn't just a marketing tool: it's an identity. As a direct selling company with employees, distributors, and customers in more than 50 international markets, alignment around that identity is critical to keep Nu Skin growing. Previous attempts to tie the mission statement to a leadership competency model hadn't gained the traction Nu Skin leaders had hoped. As Nu Skin continued to grow, the need to articulate the Nu Skin brand of leadership through clearly defined, consistent behaviors became increasingly important.

Nu Skin and RBL teamed up to build a leadership brand that would turn the mission statement into a set of behaviors that would resonate with all of the company's stakeholders. The team began conducting interviews with these various stakeholders to find out what it meant to regions, salespeople, investors, employees, and management to be successful at Nu Skin. Together with RBL, the development team mapped the interview data to the Leadership Code model and created a leadership brand that combined the fundamentals of the Leadership Code with the differentiators that communicated what it means to be a good leader at Nu Skin.

Nu Skin is incorporating the brand into all of its people management and development systems. It's a part of the hiring process and new employee orientation. It's built into daily coaching conversations. It's part of the total rewards, employee development, and succession planning processes, and leaders are involved in teaching and coaching the brand at all levels of the company. They've also worked with RBL to deliver a series of workshops built around helping leaders develop the knowledge and skills they need to live the brand in the day-to-day challenges of their work. The brand's close relationship to the existing culture, language, and processes means that traction and buy-in have come more easily, and it's helped create investment and alignment across the company in a way that has improved engagement, strengthened ties, and created a cadre of customer-focused leaders.

Initial feedback from these efforts is that managers are making better hiring decisions and are better able to coach employees on performance and development. Employees also report improved coaching from managers and increased understanding of performance expectations and development needs.

We're honored to have worked with Nu Skin and look forward to seeing the long-term results of their efforts to create a unique leadership brand and help their leaders become a force for good throughout the world.

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