HR Transformation
Business Challenge
The world’s largest pharmaceutical company was growing rapidly in the 1990’s due to product sales and acquisitions. The number of employees more than doubled in size and operational chaos ensued from differences in practices and a lack of standardization. While the business's basic HR needs were being met through this massive expansion, HR’s high impact work needed to be enhanced. HR was short on talent, perspective, innovation and did not have a track record of delivering results. The business was looking at high turnover in senior management positions as well as cultural resistance. While working through this large-scale transformation process, the business was also facing challenges such as a changing market-place, the looming loss of a patent protection of products, and a challenging external environment. The business needed a call to action with enough support to keep the company focused. 
We began by identifying the phases of work beginning with the needs of the business.
•Phase 1: Business Context: Crucial to understand to begin HR Transformation
•Phase 2: Business Outcomes: Assessing current and future needs and strategy
•Phase 3a: Work Classification: A comprehensive strategic look at each HR output
•Phase 3b: Organize the work: Where HR work belongs, who does it and how.
•Phase 3c: The Talent Equation: Ensuring that the right people are in the right place
•Phase 4: Implementation: An engaged HR organization whose members are all clear on role, accountability and how they add value.
•Development – This company joined the RBL Institute and sent multiple teams to HRLP to development their senior HR talent.  They also used the HR Competency 360 Assessment as a developmental tool for their HR professionals.  
We supported this company in redesigning the global HR function (23 processes) to reduce costs and improve effectiveness of business support.

Working through the steps of a messy transformation, HR was able to reduce costs by 50% and improve the satisfaction with the services provided in supporting the business as strategic roles had clear accountability and were very focused.

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