Assessment and Development Packages for
Individuals, Teams, and Organizations.

Our HR assessments now come with built-in development solutions to help you act on your feedback and achieve lasting change. Developed with industry leading, global research and capturing line leader perspective, you can now have exactly what you need to build your HR capabilities as an individual, department, or organization.

Three Toolkit Options


HRCS is the largest global study of HR professionals and what makes them effective.

Our research is the foundation for everything we do. For over 20 years, we’ve partnered with organizations all over the world to identify the skills and characteristics that make HR valuable to the business and we build those findings into all of our services. Bottom line? You have access to the best research out there.

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HR 360 Momentum is an online platform that turns your HR Competency 360 results into meaningful personal change. Momentum takes you through a series of learning modules to help you understand your results. It also helps you Identify your development priorities and create an action plan to accomplish your goals.

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