The HR Effectiveness Audit

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The HR Effectiveness Audit is an online assessment that measures how well your HR
function meets the expectations of your most important stakeholders.

What is the impact of HR on your organization?
With the HR Effectiveness Audit, you'll know how your HR department
measures up in eight key areas of effective and impactful HR.

How well do HR
professionals know
the business and
work to improve it?

and Contributing
to the Business

How well do HR
professionals lead
and manage change
on behalf of the

Leading and
Managing Change

How well do HR
professionals find,
develop, and retain
top talent?


How well do HR
professionals create
and enforce an
effective performance
management system?


How well does the
HR department
meet commitments
and earn the trust
of managers and

HR Department

How effectively does
the HR organization
deliver administrative
and transactional

Efficient Service

How well do HR
priorities, systems,
and practices build
capabilities that
drive performance?


How well-connected
are HR business
partners to the business they

HR Business
Partner Credibility

Inside the HR
Effectiveness Report
  • Evaluation of each item's importance to the business
  • Comparison to global norms
  • Analysis of current and future organizational capabilities
  • Benchmarking against results of the HR Competency Study
  • Verbatim comments from raters
  • Perspective from line leaders and non-HR associates
  • Detailed demographic cuts
Help your HR organization achieve maximum impact.
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Get Answers
How can my organization use the HR Effectiveness Audit?

The audit is an effective way to gauge where your HR department currently stands in terms of the value it delivers to stakeholders. The audit is administered to both HR and non-HR professionals to help HR executives or business leaders get their HR transformation off on the right foot.

How much does the audit cost?

There is a one-time setup fee and a per-participant cost. Contact us for specific pricing.

How long does it take to complete the audit?

This audit is an online assessment that takes about 15 minutes to complete. Responses are anonymous.

What does the administration process look like?

We’ll provide the administrative, statistical and consulting support for survey deployment, detailed analysis, presentation and improvement planning.

The audit is administered to a broad cross-section of your organization. Assessment administrators will send a link that you distribute to survey participants. When participants have completed the online survey, we provide a written report summarizing the results.

The audit is fully customizable and supports a detailed comparison of HR and line management views on the most important HR needs for change.

Is the audit customizable?

We can customize the audit to meet your specific needs. We can provide data such as:
• Results by region, level, etc.
• Custom demographics and data analysis
• Multiple languages

In what ways can we use the available data?

Custom analysis of your group data is available for an additional fee. Analysis can include data cuts by region, level, position, etc. Contact us for more details.