HR Competency Assessments
For HR professionals who want to contribute to business success.
What you'll get
The HR Competency Assessments help HR professionals learn how to utilize their
expanding roles to meet broader business challenges.
A Plan for Improvement
Identify your strengths and opportunities for growth and turn them into a development plan.
Increased Contribution
Work smarter by learning what's expected from you as an HR professional.
Strategic Impact
Move beyond an administrative role and learn how to create competitive advantage for your business.
Three options to meet your goals
Which people do you want involved in your assessment?

360 Assessment

The 360 assessment gives access online for one participant and unlimited associate raters, which include a supervisor and HR and non-HR associates. The individual report includes comparisons to global norms and responses and comments from other raters.

180 Assessment

The 180 assessment gives access online for one participant and one supervisor. The individual report includes comparisons to global norms and responses and comments from the supervisor.

Self Assessment

The self-assessment gives access online for one participant and an individual report including comparisons to global norms.

What's Inside Your Report?
  • Macro- and micro-level analysis
  • Comparison of your scores to global norms
  • Detailed explanation of your results
  • Summary of most and least positive items
  • Written comments from your raters
Increase the impact of your 360
Pair your assessment with any of our development add-ons.
Development Guide
Learn the basics of understanding your report and browse our list of development suggestions.
Review your results, create a development plan, and track your progress online in one easy-to-use portal.
Feedback Workshop
Gather your team and work closely with an RBL facilitator to understand and apply your results.
Talk through your results, challenges, and development ideas with an RBL-certified coach.
Get Started
Get Answers
Who should take the assessments?

The assessments are intended for HR professionals at any level in the organization.

How much do the assessments cost?

Costs for the assessments are estimated on a per-participant basis with volume discounts available. Please contact us for specific pricing.

How long do the assessments take?

The assessments are conducted online and take between 15-30 minutes to complete.

When will I receive my report?

Participants will be given their report at the end of the survey period or during the feedback workshop.

Are the assessments available in languages besides English?

Yes. They are currently available in English, Spanish, and Japanese.

What is the Human Resource Competency Study?

See our HRCS website

Is the study empirically validated?

Yes. The current survey is based on over 30,000 participants in all regions of the world, and the results have been extensively researched on a statistical basis, leading to the creation of the feedback survey.

What results can I expect?

Many of our clients have used these assessments to improve their HR professionals. Please visit our client stories page to learn about the impact these assessments have had in their organizations.