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RBL Mentor Privacy Policy

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The short version:

Your privacy is important to The RBL Group, and we will not share any assessment data that you provide with any third party. All information that we collect from you remains strictly confidential.

As a research based-firm, we will use your data only in an anonymized form for continual research into our specialized area of leadership effectiveness.

We will only contact you with regards to the administration of your MENTOR® Leadership Battery. After the assessment has closed, we will not reach out to you again unless you initiate contact first. At the end of your assessment process, if you are a participant, and depending on your company or organization’s purpose for taking the assessment, we will provide you with a report of your results.

If your results will be shared with any other party, you will sign a disclosure and release at the outset of the invitation letting you know the purpose of why your information will be shared. If you are taking the assessment for coaching or development purposes, a certified MENTOR coach must see your results in order to do the coaching and/or debrief session. Your coach will hold your results in strict confidence and will not share them with any third party.

The long version

Processing Your Data

RBL will process your data only within the scope of our service to you or your company to fulfill our contract for MENTOR assessments. By using our platform, you consent to allowing the processing of your data in the United States to provide your report. Any information we collect from you will be used for its intended purposes and for its intended recipient.

We will use your identified and confidential data only as part of our obligation to fulfill a contractual agreement with your organization. As a participant, you consent to this processing as part of that contract. If you do not finish the assessment (all instruments to which you have been invited), RBL is under no obligation to provide a report or any data to you or your organization.

Data Processor

RBL uses a vendor to provide our MENTOR services, 3eeBee, Inc. The vendor does not have access to your information except for technical support through RBL’s request. This vendor operates within the United States.

As part of the survey platform, mandatory cookies are used to provide basic and necessary functionality to provide the offering (tracking who is logged in so we know which responses to associate with which person). No other cookies are used, and if cookies are visible in your browser history, they are effectively inert once you have completed your assessment.

Legitimate Interest

We have a legitimate interest in your anonymized data for continual research into leadership effectiveness. Personal identifiers will not be used in our research, nor will your data be linked back to you. Demographic information that is collected at the outset of your assessment will only be used to further that research into what makes leaders effective. We will not disclose or share your data with any other third party. Aggregate results will only be used to improve RBL products and offerings. Your anonymized data for research will be held on a high security database, and access will be restricted to a specific location and users.

Storage of Data

We will store your confidential account data in our secure database. By taking the assessment, you consent to allow your information to be stored in the database for continual research.

During the initial window of your assessment, or within 6 months after the survey initially launched, you have a right to access, rectify, or erase submitted data. You also have a right to restrict or object to the process of this submitted data. You have a right to request to receive a copy of the data you submitted. All request should be submitted to

To access your information, ask questions about our survey privacy practices, or issue a complaint, contact RBL’s Data Privacy Officer:

Kevin Allgaier

Or contact us at:

The RBL Group
Attn: Data Privacy Officer
3521 N University Ave, Suite 100
Provo, UT 84604