HR Development at TeliaSonera

Business Challenge

One of Turkey’s largest telecommunications firms with business interests in surrounding nations partnered with The RBL Group to align the work of the HR business partner population with the fast-paced, ever changing business environment and market conditions.  The program architects wanted business partners to create more value in strategy formulation and execution.  Alongside the business leaders they recognized the growing importance of intangible assets like talent, culture and leadership on customer retention, customer attraction and business results.


Using the new HRCS data RBL created an integrated development program that included:

  • Three separate sessions based on the latest competency research and designed to give participants insights and tools in managing the talent agenda, building a high performance culture and developing leadership brand.
  • Individual coaching sessions with participants focused on becoming strategic positioners and credible activists. As with many businesses, they found that it is not always easy to change the status quo. The coaching worked on removing those barriers to change and emphasized looking at the business from a business point of view rather than an HR point of view.
  • Business solution projects covered a variety of topics including communication technology. The communication technology project looked at how the business would actually make use of new technologies to connect their staff effectively with their customers and subsidiaries. By doing so the business gained increased awareness, bringing value for all employees in terms of aligning employee behavior with customer expectations.


“It is a privilege to do HR in an organization where the CEO sees the HR as his co-pilot. Our CEO knows that if he manages the people side of the equation as well as the finance side, we will be invincible. We are making sure that we arm our HR people with the latest knowledge and practices in the field, so we are the winners at all times. We do not want to take chances, so we work with the leader in this field, the RBL Group.”

Basak Karlidag
Vice President, Human Resources
TeliaSonera, Eurasia