Strengthening Leadership Through Assessment and Coaching

Business Challenge

A leading provider of vehicle redistribution services in North America had been facing significant changes. It had recently become a stand-alone public company and initiated strategic shifts that resulted in an increased emphasis on three key initiatives: cost reduction, technology upgrades, and facility expansion in the United States.

This organization’s leadership team recognized that moving the company forward would require a unified leadership team and leaders throughout the organization who could not only deliver results, but deliver them in the right way—in other words, a new leadership brand reflecting the new strategic focus of the new organization.


The RBL Group was asked to partner with the organization’s leadership to create consensus and drive the right results in a two-tiered approach. The initial focus was on unifying and developing the executive team by facilitating an executive strategic session that created alignment and consensus on main priorities and defined the organization’s Leadership Brand that would support the strategic direction. This session was reinforced by individual executive development plans that were tied to performance initiatives and critical leadership attributes.

The RBL Group also supported the cascading of the new leadership brand throughout the organization by assessing leaders on the new leadership brand and following up with individual coaching that helped leaders make the shift to the new competencies and behaviors required by the new brand.


  • The top leadership team gained alignment and consensus on main priorities.  By clarifying these priorities, the organization has been able to prepare their leadership to deal with recent changes and to ensure that the company can face future challenges as well.
  • The leadership brand assessment and development coaching process was cascaded through the organization’s top 125 leaders.
  • Their leaders at all levels knew what characteristics leaders in the organization should have and actively worked through a defined coaching process to develop these characteristics.