Increase Business Performance of HR Team

Business Challenge

A global clothing manufacturer made the decision to transform the HR department. The key goals of the transformation were to improve HR’s strategic contribution to business performance and to ensure the greatest possible HR departmental effectiveness and cost efficiency.

The CHRO and leadership team recognized the importance of addressing the structure, staffing and system requirements in order for HR to increase its business performance, but also appreciated the essential need to invest in the development of the HR team.


To accomplish both of these aims, the company chose to work with the RBL Group, the leader in strategic HR and HR professional development.

An RBL principal facilitated the HR leadership team through an organization assessment and strategic planning process.

To support the transformation, RBL consultants also delivered workshops focused on building HR competency in the broader HR community. 


RBL's support helped HR leaders and staff from across the globe identify individual and team priorities for development and performance improvement across the company’s HR world.

The impact on the business was significant as the company worked to reclaim its global reputation as a fashion quality leader.