Improving HR Service Delivery

Business Challenge

A large oil company has grown rapidly in recent years, and their HR leaders needed to develop the skills to manage a complex and rapidly changing business. Business leaders wanted to be on the cuttting edge of talent practices.

The RBL Group was brought in to help redesign the HR function, set a strategy for HR, and then train HR professionals throughout each of their business units to be able to deliver on promises.


First, RBL and the oil company collaborated to develop a macro- and micro- level HR organization design and implementation plan.

Once the design work was completed, we began the process of developing the company's HR professionals to make them better strategic contributors. Our HR Competency 360s were used to measure each individual’s skills and create a concrete plan for their development.

Following the 360s, the company's HR professionals attended an RBL-facilitated HR Leadership Academy. During these Academies, participants attended courses on the skills HR professionals need to be effective, met with a personal coach, and worked on teams to finish a project that delivers real value to the business. 


Company leaders report significant improvement in the effectiveness of their HR professionals as a result of this effort. Several cohorts have completed the Academy and RBL leaders will continue to partner with the oil company to ensure that their HR professionals are the best in the region.