Helping Leaders Adapt to Strategic Shifts

Business Challenge

As part of a strategic shift towards a more diversified business strategy, an international insurance company had very quickly undergone considerable growth through the acquisition of other financial services companies. 

In order to more fully integrate leaders in the organization around the new business focus, the company asked global thought leaders to develop a series of three workshops: Strategic Planning, Innovation in Financial Services, and Leadership Development.


The RBL Group was invited to design and deliver the Leadership Development workshop with a focus on giving global executives tools and knowledge that enabled them to build organizational capabilities (i.e., talent, innovations, learning, culture, collaboration, shared mindset, etc.) and a stronger results focus.

The workshop design emphasized leaders as teachers and included an accompanying leadership toolkit to make it easy for executives to reuse workshop content within their organizations. The toolkit included videos and online material in several languages and was organized in a modular, topic-based format for ease of adaptation and reuse.


The three-day workshop was delivered to hundreds of global executives (in groups of 50) over a three-year period.

In addition to the actual participants, the impact of the workshop was felt more broadly in the organization through the “stickiness” of The RBL Group design approach—the flexibility of the toolkit that accompanied leader training and “leader-teacher” emphasis meant concepts circulated broadly throughout the company.

New channels for distribution of products and services were identified, funded, and implemented through the workshops, positively impacting stock value.