Financial Results through Leadership in Action

Business Challenge

One of the largest U.S. bank holding companies faced increasing competition. Their executive leadership team wanted to strengthen the strategic acumen of their leadership, drive business results, build leadership capability and ultimately bolster their position in the market.


The RBL Group collaborated with the team to design and deliver a custom leadership development program designed to improve business strategy thinking and fundamentals among middle level leaders.

  • Each session focused on understanding the company’s strategy and applying it to their individual positions and teams. The curriculum included requiring participants to identify their strategy and then develop specific plans for more effectively aligning their organization performance, culture, communication, and to identify development challenges for themselves and their teams.
  • Each participant was required to develop an action-learning project with a $250K impact, on revenue or cost reduction.


The leadership program ran successfully for over four years, impacting over 600 participants.

Over half of the action learning projects have been implemented as a direct result of the leadership development program:

  • Sales growth and cost reduction/efficiency were the primary categories of projects, but projects also included developing new markets, introducing new products, and increasing capabilities.
  • Conservative estimate of financial ROI on action-learning projects exceeded $30 million dollars.