Expanding Growth, Expanding Leaders

Business Challenge

A global financial institution has experienced incredible growth as it has climbed its way to the top. Given the expanding growth, the increasing need for leaders (both national and expatriate), and the increased global interest in their industry, this organization wanted to be sure they clearly identified and developed the characteristics that differentiate their leaders.


RBL was engaged to assist this organization in clarifying their leadership framework and leadership development processes such that they tie directly with their external branding initiatives. By working together, they assessed leaders and created leadership development tools to ensure success. Key steps included:

  • Collecting Data from External Sources. RBL interviewed a number of key customers, analysts, suppliers, and vendors and got their perspective on what this organization's leaders do well and what they need to do well for continued success.
  • Articulating the Organization's Leadership Brand. Research and interviews were used to pinpoint what these leaders need to focus on to make them distinctive. This was incorporated into the leadership framework.
  • Assessing High Potential Talent. Leaders were assessed in career development interviews and provided with detailed personal development plans.
  • Comparing the Organization's Framework with the Leadership Code. The research from the Leadership Code was used to help this organization ascertain how well they had covered the fundamentals of leadership in how they were assessing their leaders.
  • Developing a Senior Leader Program. The leadership brand is being used to create a program and ongoing process for developing the organization's leaders who possess the fundamentals of effective leadership as well as competencies that make a leader unique.


The work with this organization is ongoing.