Creating a Framework for Leadership Development

Business Challenge

A regional hospital system was looking to develop an overall leadership framework. Leaders and managers felt that past leadership development initiatives had felt random and were lacking a coherent framework. They came to RBL looking for guidance in creating a leadership competency model, deciding what kind of leadership development to do, and how to make their leadership development initiatives work for the entire organization.


The client was looking for a leadership competency model that was both relatively standard and had readily available tools and content in place and that could be customized to fit their organization’s culture and unique needs. We taught workshops on each of the Leadership Code competencies over the course of 9 months. Now we are working with them to identify their custom differentiating competencies and to develop training modules for those competencies.


Through these workshops, RBL helped this organization develop more capable leaders and create a coherent approach to leadership development that will be used to create better leadership throughout the organization.