Competency Model Improvements

Business Challenge

A consumer goods company needed help validating their existing competency model and conducting a series of interviews with key external stakeholders.


The RBL Group was asked to perform the analysis of their competency model, comparing it to Leadership Code research. Their existing model was very strong in 3 of the 5 domains, had a few gaps in one domain, and was very weak in the other domain. Given the competencies they had already identified, there was no need to add any new competencies, only add questions to their existing 360 survey. The RBL Group worked with them to add a few questions in the domain that had gaps and add a number of questions for the domain area that was weak. The questions were selected from a pool of previously validated questions.

Eighteen interviews were conducted with global customers, suppliers, ad agencies, analysts, and board members. This external work with stakeholders created a focus on two of their existing competencies, which for this company meant increasing the weighting on these competencies for their senior leaders. 


One outcome of this work was a modified 360, which was approved by the company’s executive team. The other outcome was the design and delivery of a customized leadership program which addressed two competencies where leaders consistently scored low.