Centralizing HR Across the Globe

Business Challenge

As a global insurer, Zurich Financial faced a decentralized HR across the countries in which it operated. They found that HR was being done with different guidelines, policies, and processes. In order to have a consistent and centralized HR, Zurich Financial’s HR organization needed to transform itself and implement a strategy that would help HR be consistent, add value, and better help achieve company objectives.


Zurich Financial asked The RBL Group to assist them in defining a strategy and planning a clear implementation approach. Over a four year period, RBL collaborated with the HR executive team to coach, facilitate, and conduct strategic HR training sessions to help HR define what HR stands for and deliver results the business expected from HR.


In four years, HR has made significant progress on their transformation. HR professionals understand the issues and are motivated to make transformational changes in the way they perform their work and provide value for their organization.