Assessing HR Effectiveness

Business Challenge

A large consumer goods company had recently gone through a series of mergers and had several different sets of HR practices from each group. At this significant transition, they wanted to see where HR stood, develop metrics to track progress, and determine what direction HR needed to move in going forward.


The RBL Group was asked to conduct our HR Effectiveness Audit with their organization to align HR practices to deliver greater value to the organization and its stakeholders. They invited 160 respondents across multiple business units and countries both in and outside of HR to complete the survey, which asked participants to rate both the current state of HR’s expertise and practices and the elements that would have the most value for the business if improved.

The Audit was conducted along with stakeholder interviews to set up metrics to measure results and to put together an action plan to build on their strengths and focus on concrete improvements to be made.

When analyzing the results of the HR Effectiveness Audit, we found that HR needed to start looking toward the future immediately, as their current state was not aligned with what the business needed. While HR was seen as credible, they scored lowest on Leading and Managing Change and Understanding and Contributing to the Business. This was in line with what we learned in interviews.


From this, we helped the HR Lead Team craft their strategy and develop a plan to better align itself with the business needs, manage change more effectively, and to focus on real Workforce Planning rather than administrative work.