Tracking Assessment

Indicators of a Leadership Tracker 

Check the box for each item that you feel you do consistently. 
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I am clear about what results I want to accomplish and what results I want my team to accomplish.


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Question 2/10

I have created a tracking system that my team is aware of, buys into, and uses to guide behavior, and I use such a system myself.

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Question 3/10

I translate general objectives into discrete and specific measures for myself and for my team.

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Question 4/10

I do data mining so that I can turn general data and information into measures that are important.

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Question 5/10

My scorecards for myself and my team are balanced—it includes financial and softer measures such as employee engagement.

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Question 6/10

My scorecard includes lag measures of performance—measures that have already happened (profit and loss, employee turnover, customer satisfaction, etc.).

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Question 7/10

My scorecard includes lead measures of performance—measures that guide my behavior for the future, that is, what people need to do more of and less of to win.

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Question 8/10

I tie my scorecard and my team’s scorecard to consequences that are nonfinancial, such as time off or opportunities to work on other projects, as well as financial.

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Question 9/10

I prefer to look for quick wins rather than implementing grand plans.

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Question 10/10
People outside my team perceive us as clear about what success looks like to us and would say that we are continually improving.
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Assessment Results

No score yet!
You are an expert tracker. You know where you are going and you ensure that you get ongoing feedback to keep you on the path to high performance.
You are a meandering tracker. You have insight into where you are going, but you are not getting there quickly. There are likely many detours on your journey.
If you scored 0–15 points: You are a lost tracker. You don't have a scorecard, so—as the rabbit said to Alice—any road will work for you.