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05.09.17   byDave Ulrich
Have HR Professionals Made Progress? The 30-Year Evolution of HR Competencies
Have HR professionals improved their competencies over the last 30 years? This is an important question because we hear continued laments about incompetence of HR professionals. In addition, HR professionals tend to be hyper self-critical and self-obsessed. After hearing ongoing critiques of the lack of progress of HR professionals, we can finally provide empirical evidence on the evolution of HR competencies. 
05.02.17   byDave Ulrich
10 Skills HR Pros Need To Navigate Paradox That Delivers Business Results
In our research, we have found that there are 9 domains for HR competence. We are particularly interested in how these competence domains drive the outcomes of personal effectiveness, stakeholder value, and business results. We found that being a credible activist helps HR professionals have personal impact; being a strategic positioner helps build value for customers and investors. Now, we want to report what HR professionals should know and do to deliver business results.
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